Buying at Auction

US Auctioneers is committed to professionalism and we want to make your buying experience easy and enjoyable.

How do I buy equipment at your auction?

Registering to buy at our auctions can be done easily. To get a bidder's number, all we need is your personal information, your banking information, your method of payment, and your signature.

How do I pay for equipment if I purchase something?

All equipment must be paid in full at the time of purchase or up to 1 hour after the auction. If you leave an absentee bid or a cellular bid, we will set up a wire transfer from your bank.

Methods of payment include: Cash, Cashier's Check, Personal Check or Company Check. If you pay with a personal or company check, we will need the name, address, telephone number and a contact from your bank at the time of registering.

If I write a check, do you need a letter of credit from my bank?

It is recommended that if you write a check you have a letter of credit from your bank stating they honor or guarantee your check. This makes the settlement process easier and speeds up the title transfer process.

Can I leave an absentee bid?

Ideally we would like all of our customers to be able to attend our auctions and buy in person, but we understand your busy schedules and we are here to assist you in any way we can. That is why US Auctioneers offers an absentee bid program and a cellular phone bid program.

The first step to absentee bidding is to contact us prior to the auction date. We can register you for the auction by faxing or mailing to you a registration form. Just fill it out completely, sign it, and fax or send it back. Please include the equipment you are interested in purchasing and the maximum amount you want to spend. At our auctions, we do not start the bidding with your maximum bid. If the equipment sells for less than the maximum amount you want to spend, you will own it at that price.

How do I make a cellular phone bid?

Contact us and let us know you are interested in bidding on equipment. We will fax or send you a registration form. Fill it out completely, sign it, and fax or send it back. Please include the phone number you would like us to contact you at during the auction and the equipment you are interested in purchasing.

On auction day, our staff will contact you right before the auctioneer is about to sell the equipment you are interested in purchasing. You will be able to communicate with our staff and have them bid on the equipment for you just as if you were at the auction.

Is it possible to bid and buy over the internet?

Yes, In order to bid online you will need to register with Proxibid, our online bidding provider. Go to their website at follow the instructions to register. In order to be approved to bid at our auctions, you will need to wire a deposit, provide a credit card verification or fax a letter of guarantee from your bank.

Are there reserve or minimum prices?

No, all equipment is sold "absolute" regardless of price. In addition you never have to worry about an owner running up the price on his equipment because WE DO NOT ALLOW THIS. If we find out someone is bidding on their own equipment or having someone else bid on their equipment for them, they will be asked to leave.

When do we get the titles?

If you pay cash or equivalent for your purchases, or if you have a letter of credit stating the bank will honor or guarantee your check, the title(s) will be sent to you via priority mail the next day. Otherwise the title(s) will be mailed out as soon as your check clears.

Is there a buyers premium or title fee?

There may be a buyer's premium. Check the terms & conditions for each auction. We do not charge a title fee. We also do not collect sales tax. If you have to pay sales tax, you will pay it when you register your equipment in your home state.

Is there a warranty or guarantee on the equipment?

US Auctioneers does not provide a warranty or guarantee on the equipment being sold at auction. Everything is sold " AS IS WHERE IS ". You are the professionals, so inspect the equipment before you purchase it.

When can we pick up our equipment?

Auction Site will be closed the day of auction. Announcements will be made the day of the auction regarding the length of time you have to get the equipment off the lot. If you cannot get the equipment moved by then, you will be billed for secure storage monthly. You can pick up your equipment Monday through Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm.