Selling at Auction

I have equipment to sell. What do I need to do?

Contact a US Auctioneers sales representative. He can give you up-to-date information on upcoming auctions and if possible, make arrangements to view the equipment. Detailed descriptions and specs are needed so equipment can be adequately advertised in brochures, catalogs, and this website. An auction contract covering the terms of the agreement needs to be signed.

What about the title?

All rolling stock must have a transferable title, free and clear of all liens and encumbrances. Titles must be signed by the seller(s) prior to the auction.

What if my bank or finance company has the title?

Supply us with the name of the contact person at your bank or financial institution. We will work with them to find out what arrangements need to be made to procure the title. A guarantee of direct payment of net auction proceeds or payoff may be made in exchange for the title or lien release.

Can I set a minimum price for my equipment?

No. All equipment sold at a US Auctioneers auction is sold "absolute". That means there are no minimum or reserve bids and no owner buy-backs.

When do I need to deliver my equipment to the auction site?

Equipment needs to be delivered no later than five days preceding the auction date. This allows potential buyers the opportunity to inspect the equipment prior to the auction. If so desired, arrangements can be made to deliver the equipment to a storage facility prior to auction set-up.

I have maintenance records for my vehicle. Should I bring them along?

Absolutely. Maintenance records are made available for viewing by potential buyers, thus increasing the potential sale price for your equipment.

I need help in transporting my equipment to the auction site. Can you help?

US Auctioneers can put you in touch with a delivery service to assist you. We can also help match trucks with trailers from the same geographical area to help you save on transportation costs.

What about equipment preparation?

Condition and appearance are important factors in realizing higher auction prices. A US Auctioneers sales rep can assist you in determining what prep work, such as detailing, painting, body work, etc., would effectively put more money in your pocket. If you need help, we can put you in touch with those services.

Do I need to be at the auction when my equipment sells?

No, but it helps. It's been shown that a seller who is at the auction representing his equipment will realize a higher price than one that is not. In addition, we will have potential buyers call you prior to the auction if they have specific questions about your equipment.

When do I receive the proceeds from the auction?

Generally, the proceeds, less commission and costs, are remitted to the seller on or before 10 banking days following the auction.

Remember, US Auctioneers, Inc. works for you, the seller. Our goal is to achieve top dollar for every piece of equipment sold and to maximize the net return to our customers.