Below you'll find answers to the most common questions about selling at auction. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, simply give us a call at 800-992-2893.

Contact US Auctioneers at 800-992-2893 to speak with one of our team members for your geographic area. Our sales team will:
  • Provide you with information on upcoming auctions
  • View your equipment and gather important specs for mass advertisement
  • Estimate the approximate sale value of your equipment
  • Complete a sale contract and answer any questions you may have
Simply provide the name and contact information for the lender to your salesman. We will work with the lender to obtain a clear title on your behalf. You will be required to sign the title prior to selling
No. All equipment sold at US Auctioneers is sold "absolute." That means there are no minimum or reserve bids and no owner buy-back. Everything is sold "AS IS, WHERE IS."
It is preferred that the equipment be delivered 7-10 days prior to the auction. This allows potential buyers the opportunity to inspect the equipment before the auction. Your equipment will be held in our secure lot until the auction.
We are not able to transport equipment. However, we do recommend American Driveaway. You can reach them at (217) 783-2247. Please know that they do need at least a ten business days lead time in order to schedule their drivers.

Absolutely. Maintenance records are made available for viewing by prospective buyers, thus increasing the potential sale price for your equipment. We also ask that you maintain valid registration and insurance until the auction is complete.

Please provide any important information that you would like mentioned to your Sales Representative. in addition. we may have potential buyers call you prior to auction if they have specific questions about your equipment

We can offer basic services such as washes, brightening, de-identifying, and detailing through United Truck and Equipment. Billing for these services can be deducted seamlessly from your settlement check; you will receive a copy of their invoice for your records.
Settlement statements along with checks (less commission and costs) are mailed out 10 business days following the auction.
Remember, US Auctioneers, Inc. works for you, the seller. Our goal is to achieve top dollar for every piece of equipment sold and to maximize the net return to our customers.